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Commercial Fishing Supplies

For more than 12 years, Island Traps Ltd. has been manufacturing wire lobster traps in Clark’s Harbour, Nova Scotia. We are ready to provide fishermen with the best lobster traps!


A Family Business

  • Island Traps, Rob & Nicole Hurlburt.
  • We manufacture lobster traps, operate a local hardware store & supply feed for farm animals. We also have a small mill in which we make our own runners for our traps & supply other trap builders too. We employ about 20 employees(some are seasonal & some are full time).
  • We have run the business for over 10 years(incorporated July 2009)
  • We are located in the town of Clark's Harbour, #9 Woodland Street.
  • I (Nicole) previously worked for the business before it became Island Traps. I loved working with the fisherman and making lobster traps to their specifications. My dad was a fisherman and I understood the importance of providing a good product for our hard working fishermen. My husband(finance at the time) decided to buy the business when it had came up for sale. The previous management was struggling to keep the business alive. As an employee I could see some things that could be done different to make the business grow again. With a lot of hard work and dedication we got the business back on its feet again!

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With our skills and experience, you can rely on Island Traps Ltd. to manufacture great and high-quality wire lobster traps. Connect with us today to learn more. We will get back to you as soon as possible.